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Tell your story through dance!

Mintesinot Wolde




"ዳንስ ሙሉ ነፃነት ያለበት ጥበብ ነው። በምንናጋራው ታሪክ ውስጥ፥ የምናስተላልፈው መልዕክት አለ፥ ዳንስ በምርጫችን ላይ መሰረት ያደረገ፥ እንደየባህላችን ልዩነት የሚወሰን ፥ የሕይወት ተሞክሮ፥ ልምዶቻችንን ለሌሎች የምናካፍልብት ፥ የምናስተምርበት። ማንነታችንን የምንገልጥበት አንዱ የጥበብ ዘርፍ ፥ የጋራ ቋንቋ ነው። "!!!

I have danced my way around the world from Ethiopia to Ireland. Join me as I continue this wonderful journey.

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Desert in Dark

Latest Work


Choreographed by Mintesinot Wolde

Premiere 23rd July 2022 Boyle Arts Festival

Dancers Mintesinot Wolde and Fionnuala Doyle Wade

Music Composed and Performed by Anna Houston

Production Manager & Costume Nathalie Wolde

Filming by Ciaran Casey / Wilson Media


The sound of water searching Written, Recorded and read

By Michael O'Dea

Promo Clip Editing

By Mintesinot Wolde

Special Thanks

To The Arts Council Ireland, Boyle Arts Festival, Roscommon County Council, Roscommon Tourism, King House and Kilbride Community Centre

© All Rights Reserved



Minte Dance Studio

Focuses on constructing dance movements based on improvisation dance techniques. The process of creating dance in the studio encourages dancers to explore various movement patterns, rhythms, involved in expressing themselves through dance, and build stories, motifs, and connections among themselves. The research aims to capture imageries, layers of movement, dialogues, rhythms, and combine this by Integrating the dancer's talent.  This process also determines the dancers' movement patterns which unpredictable and changeable, furthermore switched the Idea of the dance piece.


Minte Wolde

©11 Feb 2019

''See You In The Green'' Dance piece Photo Credit Brian Farrell

''See You In The Green'' Dance piece, Photo Credit Brian Farrell 


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Photo Credit  Emma Brennan

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